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FOX VALLEY, Wis. (WBAY) -The coronavirus has led many organizations across our area to reimagine their fundraising this year. The annual “Shall We Dance” event which raises money for the Sexual Assault Crisis Center is no different. And while the ballroom won’t be full this year the dance floor will still be rockin’ for a good cause

The “Shall We Dance” community dancers and their professional partners are putting the final touches on their performances for this weekend’s event.

Zeke Cribbs, owner of Boogie Ballroom says, “It’s been a tough time to commit to anything and to invest so much of yourself and all of our community dancers have done such a great job and it’s going to be well worth it, laying it all out there.”

The annual fundraiser, which has been taking place since 2008, brings in hundreds of thousand of dollars or more than 30%of the organization’s annual budget.

According to Amy Flanders, Executive Director of the Sexual Assault Crisis Center, “We provide services and programs to people who have been affected by sexual violence, their friends and family members and we have a very active prevention education program as well.”

Because of the pandemic, like many other events, “Shall We Dance” is moving to a virtual event.

“I’m excited that we’re still able to do this, that we’re still able to raise the money and everything has to adapt this year, so hopefully we have a lot of people tune in to the livestream and still watch everything we’ve worked for,” says Cristi Burrill, one of the Community Dancers.

While the audience of 500, that usually packs the ballroom at the red lion, won’t be on hand, in person, the dancers will still take to the ballroom dance floor. The webstream opening the event up to more people than ever before.

“I think we’re going to pull in more people because every year we get people calling saying can I have a seat? No, last year we were sold out of tables in August,” says Amy Flanders. She adds, “Perhaps we’ll generate more income we’ll see that night of, we’re excited about this new opportunity and we’re hoping everyone will wish us luck and join us.”

The livestream of “Shall We Dance” starts at 7pm on Saturday night.

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