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What is my side hustle?

Honestly, the better question is, “what isn’t included in your list of side hustles?” In 2015, I started my own personal finance blog, Mixed Up Money, to pay off my debt. Ever since starting the blog, I’ve grown that hobby into multiple income streams that help me pay my bills and save more money for my laundry list of financial goals.There are a few different ways I make money, including but not limited to:

I’ve made nearly six-figures in additional income working on my side hustles in the past six years. In my first year, I only made around $2,150 – but was delighted to earn an extra paycheck on the year. It took a while, but eventually, I started to build up a stable network of clients and a good reputation as a freelancer. 

In 2019, I hit a new record of $40,000 after tax of side hustle income. That was the same year I bought my first home – and a significant chunk of my earnings went towards my down payment.

How do I choose which side hustles make sense for me?

The thing with side hustles is that they can become time-consuming if you aren’t careful with how much you take on. As someone who has a full-time job and is also a mom, there used to be days when I felt overwhelmed and like I had made a mistake.

But after two years of learning how powerful saying no can be, I started to take on more side hustle opportunities that better aligned with my lifestyle. All it took to determine which side hustles fell in line with this was asking myself three questions:

  1. How much time can I invest?
  2. Is the pay enough?
  3. Can we make this partnership long-term?

If the project were going to be a 15-20 hour per week time commitment, it would mean that I’d be limiting the other work I could take on in addition to this job. Therefore, I’d question what the pay was and if it aligned with how much I would make doing one-off jobs on a more frequent basis. From there, it was defining whether this partnership would turn around to open more job opportunities and grow my network. If a project fell in line with these three questions, it was an easy yes. If not, I was comfortable saying no because it didn’t align with my values as a freelancer.

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