Latest ‘It’s Your Business’ podcast episode features Topeka entrepreneur, founder of Falk Architects – The Topeka Capital-Journal

Bryan Falk, founder and CEO of Falk Architects, is the latest guest on The Capital-Journal's "It's Your Business" podcast.

After 10 years of working for other architecture firms, Topekan Bryan Falk decided to open his own.

“My dad was an entrepreneur,” Falk said. “He’d always kind of talk to his children about what he was doing and how he was doing it. … I got that (entrepreneurial) bug from him.”

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Since its opening five years ago, Falk’s firm, Falk Architects, has helped shape the Topeka community in various ways. They helped design Redbud Park in the NOTO Arts & Entertainment District, worked on the Townsite properties near Kansas Avenue and S.E. 6th Avenue, and helped erect the illuminated arches in downtown Topeka.

“But we’ve also done lots of office remodels or helping small businesses get into their buildings or code analysis,” Falk said. “So we do all types of work.”

Falk is the latest guest on The Topeka Capital-Journal’s “It’s Your Business” podcast.

The episode, which came out Wednesday on podcast-streaming platforms, touches on Falk’s journey to becoming a small-business owner, discusses obstacles he faced along the way and offers some advice to people who may be considering a similar entrepreneurial endeavor.

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“There’s so many opportunities, and I think it’s so rewarding,” Falk said. “If you feel the urge to do it, you should try it. My feeling was if it didn’t work, I could always find another job.”

To listen to the full conversation with Falk, click the embedded link in this story or search for “It’s Your Business” wherever podcasts are found. New episodes of the show are released every other Wednesday, with the next one coming June 30.

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This week’s episode is co-hosted by The Capital-Journal’s India Yarborough and The Greater Topeka Partnership’s Katrin Bridges.

Though “It’s Your Business” has a broad mission of exploring the business side of community growth, their co-hosted episodes focus more specifically on startups and entrepreneurship in northeast Kansas.

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