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Making money is the preoccupation of every human being and everyone is looking for opportunities to better their lot. In today’s world, making money online has gained currency, especially with its added advantage of working from the comfort of one’s home. The internet has plenty of opportunities for full-time, part-time, or consultancy work that one can engage in to earn that extra dollar.


Blogging is an iconic online moneymaker that was among the first lucrative internet-based jobs. In the beginning, most bloggers started as a hobby that turned into a profitable business as their audience increased. With an established and growing audience, businesses can carry their marketing campaigns on blog sites at a good fee.

It takes a bit of work and time to build enough content to drive your blog and attract a large enough audience. However, since blogging starts as a hobby, it should be easy to get it up and running in no time and there are online sites that can help you set up easily. To make money safely off your blog through affiliate marketing and advertising.

Earn from affiliate marketing

The internet is replete with affiliate marketing programs that you can position yourself to earn from working remotely. It works well with people who already have running websites or active blogs to attract marketing interest. The key is in having content that can relate well with certain products that your audience will appreciate for ease of affiliate marketing.

CentSports, the trusted online betting site, offers ‘free’ betting at a token stake of 10 cents to their customers to harness a higher web traffic flow that they can use to attract other brands for affiliate marketing.

The beauty of this online money-making strategy is that you can work with as many companies as you can and sign collaboration agreements. Affiliate programs will earn you good money and the metrics involved ensure transparency in payments.

Turn photography into money online

Photography is another hobby that can turn into a moneymaker online if you know what to do. There are multiple ways in which photography can work for you online, either singly or in combination to attract buyers. The simplest is the posting of interesting pictures on stock image sites that sell photographs to market for you.

If you are skilled or a professional photographer, you may create online photography courses for sale or video tutorials that people can watch online as you leverage the traffic to earn from other streams. To increase your revenue streams, consider creating a photography blog, and link the other channels to it for expanded traffic.

Consulting for professionals

If you are an employed professional or one that is in between jobs, you can write a blog related to your expertise and soon, people will seek your assistance. The blog will launch you off to an online consulting career you had never thought about before. Take it seriously and before long, your blog will become a high paying online consultancy.

For those unable to start a blog, signing or setting up an account with relevant online sites can get you started. Some sites provide a platform for freelance consultants to set up profiles to attract paying clients.

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