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French grandmas brave COVID risk to spend Christmas with the family

MAGNY-LE-HONGRE, France (Reuters) – Josette Boyeldieu and Guylene Lehmann are pensioners, one of the groups most at risk from COVID-19, but that did not discourage them from spending part of the Christmas holiday with their children and grand-children near Paris. After weighing the risks, they put on their matching face masks, decorated with reindeer and snowman motifs, and went round to their children’s’ house for a Christmas Eve supper of wine, oysters, and turkey. They spent the evening at the home of Fabienne and Florent Boyeldieu — he is Josette Boyeldieu’s son, and his wife is Lehmann’s daughter — along with grand-children and other relatives in Magny-le-Hongre, 40 km (24 miles) east of Paris.

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