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Entrepreneur Michael Steven Debuts ‘Financial Freedom With Real Estate’

New book offers strategic blueprint for earning passive income with real estate

Over the past 30 years, Michael Steven has cultivated a wealth of knowledge in real estate investing, and now, he’s helping others get started in real estate. According to Forbes, real estate is the safest, steadiest, and simplest way to increase wealth, and as of now, most millionaire millennials own an average of three properties. With more than half of Americans financially unprepared for their retirement years, real estate offers a passive income opportunity for virtually anyone.

In Steven’s new book, ‘Financial Freedom With Real Estate: Start Making Money Today Because Everyone Else Is: 3 Simple Ways That Even Your Kids Can Do It: Secrets Guaranteed to Work Right Away’, he offers a wealth of tips and strategies for entering the real estate market and making the most from investments.

‘Financial Freedom With Real Estate’ shows readers how to replace their salaries with rental income through a step-by-step blueprint for making a first time real estate investment and navigating formulas needed to earn passive income from real estate investments. In addition, Steven outlines critical areas such as lease arrangements that can bring in steadier, higher returns. He also demonstrates three key ways to double and triple investment portfolios and become financially independent with real estate investments. As a free bonus, ‘Financial Freedom With Real Estate’ includes a checklist for choosing a property to invest in.

“This book is methodical and informative without being boring,” said one recent reader. “I’ve read several of these types of books, and this one is my favorite so far. Well-written, smart, and covers the obvious and the not so obvious (who knew 50% of rental income to be spent on operating costs after the mortgage!). Highly recommend.”

With an ever changing economic climate, many investors are looking for new ways to get the most from investments and earn passive income. The real estate market offers a quick way to make an investment and take advantage of the growing rental market. By starting small, Steven teaches readers that they can grow their real estate portfolios and he shows them how to do it efficiently – even with a small initial investment.

‘Financial Freedom With Real Estate’ is now available at Amazon for Kindle and in paperback version. More information on Steven’s new book can be found at https://vagpublishing.com/.

About Michael Steven

Author, publisher, entrepreneur, investor, and expert in business, wealth management, and finance, Michael Steven has helped thousands of people get out of debt over 30+ years. In his own personal portfolio, Michael has financed more than $1B in real estate, and he specializes in helping people make life changing real estate investments.

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