EasyCowork Now Offers Information on Reliable Side hustles to Thrive in a post-pandemic economy – Press Release – Digital Journal

Easycowork.com is a platform that provides trusted advice, actionable insights, and information about necessary tools to start, grow and scale online businesses.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Covid-19 turned the economy upside down making unemployment and job redundancy a general norm. While people are freaking out over lost jobs and ways to earn, EasyCowork believes that it is the best time to begin a side hustle.

Founder of EasyCowork, Anoob, takes away from his own experiences and troubles with landing the ‘perfect job’. After 12 years of maneuvering from one startup to the other, he wanted to focus on building his website and educating his audience on how to start a side hustle and scale it to a financially stable online business.

When the pandemic hit, a significant chunk of Easycowork’s corporate clients had to cut down costs, lay of employees and individuals faced challenges in even finding meaningful work.

Based on requests from small-time entrepreneurs and business owners, EasyCowork has now started providing information and advice on the right tools and insights about how to build a sustainable side hustle.

From finding the best coworking space to accessing information for becoming a modern-day entrepreneur, EasyCowork has it all. With more than half the workforce planning to take on side hustles, EasyCowork is the best platform for detailed guides, tools, and skill management. Their recommended resources include extremely detailed manuals such as ‘Everything You Need to Know About Coworking’, ‘How to Earn from Facebook 2021’, or ‘How to Earn from YouTube 2021’ among many more.

As an educational platform, EasyCowork focuses on creating actionable guides on different aspects of businesses which also includes career planning, managing personal finance, and growing an existing online business. These guides cover a variety of topics, as well as weigh out the pros and cons so that the audience can make a well-informed decision. Interested readers and entrepreneurs can browse from a vast collection of posts that talk about different methods used in creating a successful side hustle. EasyCowork’s guides also talk about earning from social media platforms and digital reward sites such as Ysense.

Other than this, they have informative resources for people who want to earn through a particular skill such as charcoal drawing, acting, or machine repairing. Their guides include the best training courses in the area along with reviews and prices so that the audience can easily determine which skill courses would be best suited to them. The step-by-step guides not only help people understand the different ways they can start their side hustle but also educates them about the common mistakes they should avoid when they start online business, saving them a lot of time and effort.

Undoubtedly, the pandemic gave a lot of people a rough start, but with platforms such as EasyCowork helping small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed, the post-pandemic economy will recover and create more jobs than ever before.

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