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With a pandemic continuing to play out around us, financial security is increasingly the exception rather than the norm. If you have experienced some loss of income or want to do some preemptive saving, consider picking up a side hustle. Meanwhile, others looking for a creative outlet along with some added cash would view side work as purposeful and fulfilling.

However you approach the desire for extra work, you likely want to know what potential venues are out there. Here are three superb side hustles you can do from home.


Photography work is one very accessible option. It may seem like all kinds of people you know on social media are into it; even though this may seem intimidating, this actually indicates its demand. There are generally two classes of photography: shooting events or portraits and selling your work to businesses. The former is very relational, and photographers just starting out will often do work for their close friends and family. Granted, shooting portraits is much more controlled than shooting a prom or wedding. You can choose your own photography backdrops and take all the time you need between shots. Don’t jump straight into something as serious as wedding photography until you get some preliminary experience.

When it comes to selling your photos, many people take stock photos and submit them to a database for companies to find. When you become more of a known entity, you can graduate to working with companies directly for what they need.

Freelance Writing

Meanwhile, freelance writing is another side hustle you can do from home that flows from your creativity. This allows you to pursue all fields that interest you after work and on weekends. In so doing, you embark on a continual learning and research pattern that makes you more knowledgeable about the world around you. While photography can be relational, writing is more individual and focused, making it perfect for an introverted person.

Online Tutoring

This school year, parents everywhere are worried about their kids getting behind in their studies. They see how class-wide remote sessions aren’t working and want to support their kids. While another remote meeting isn’t ideal, many do want to hire a personal, one-on-one tutor for their kids. You can easily sign up to tutor in the field you majored in or one that you’re knowledgeable in. If you love the teaching process and want to support people in this tough time as you help yourself, tutoring is the path to take.

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