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Sometimes, saving just isn’t enough when bills begin to pile up. Even with the best strategies to put into place, stashing a decent amount of money aside could go sideways if an unexpected expense surfaces. This is where we start to see the allure of passive income and how incorporating it can let you breathe easier. There are many misinformative sources online that steer consumers away from the true representation of passive income; what that, here are the pros and cons of passive earning and how you can start today.

What Is Passive Income?

As the name suggests, passive income is when one generates regular earnings without being directly involved, Enterprises that support this scheme include partnerships, rental properties, and more. The term “being directly involved” is sometimes misinterpreted as “doing nothing”. It may confuse people with the ideas of get-rich-scheme. In other words, this concept may push people into unrealistic thoughts that might be a way of income that exists without the need for any effort.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. While not the primary source of income, passive income requires upfront work. This could mean house maintenance when renting property or research and preparation for e-commerce sales on platforms such as eBay or Amazon. Investments are probably one of the biggest examples of this style of earning, but it does entail risks that are out of your control. Keenly observing the market trends and making assessments to double down or withdraw are efforts that still require some level of participation.

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Pros of Passive Income

Utilizes Valuable Time

When working in a full-time environment that doesn’t quite give enough time for much else, earning a little extra on the side is immensely difficult. This is where passive income becomes a miracle in its own right and allows for slow, but steady earnings (after the upfront labour has been done, of course) while not having to be physically or digitally present constantly. Time is a precious commodity and working two jobs can be too taxing for those with additional responsibilities outside of work.

Reduces Stress and Worry

If your current profession isn’t quite paying you enough to meet the bare minimum requirements of your expenses, passive income will help generate extra revenue to keep you afloat. Since passive income is constant, it is a good way to divert your worries over to the advantageous prospect of having multiple sources of income. If working two jobs is unrealistic, having this method of earning on top of a full-time career is the best possible way to squeeze in as many earnings as possible within a set amount of time.

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Allows You To Pursue Your Passion

This point is a mix between the previous two. As a result of having more time and a headspace free from worry, you have wider slots open in your everyday life outside of work to cultivate the passions you never were able to get around to doing due to either monetary or time constraints. Pursuing passions may not necessarily be cheap, and having passive income lets you have the flexibility to commit to costlier hobbies without compromising your ability to save.

Flexibility Of Location

These days, passive income is primarily done digitally, which means that you are not rooted in an area to oversee this aspect of your earnings. Disregarding the logistics of full-time jobs, the ability to earn passively can easily be done on the go as it requires far less maintenance. Regardless of whether it is business trips or on vacation, having constant income flowing in once again shows the reliability of passive income.

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Cons of Passive Earning

It Needs Patience

Passive income is best used as a “side hustle” rather than your main source of income. When talking about upfront labour that is required to get a revenue stream started, many underestimate how daunting of a task it can be at first.

The part that arguably takes the most time is finding an avenue of passive income that is reliable and consistent. Ecommerce for example can be reliable, but only after your product has properly been marketed and develops a stable following. Additionally, being kept up with market trends in the respective industry you choose is unpredictable, and seeing beneficial returns with investments will have many unforeseen variables that can occur anytime.

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You’re Mostly On Your Own

Unlike a full-time gig, the atmosphere of bosses, colleagues, and a nurturing environment are non-existent when pursuing passive income. Doing this means that you will be calling all the shots in the direction of your strategy to earn revenue on the side. Whether it is through investments, social media content, or rentals, the initiative will have to come from your own proactivity during your free time. If the motivation isn’t strong, maintaining this alternate method of income may be tricky.


If there was no cost and risk assessment associated with passive income, then it would be a default choice for anyone to partake, regardless of career status. Bonds, eCommerce, social media, cryptocurrency, and more involve initial spending in order to get the ball rolling. This element of risk-taking may not be to everyone’s liking, but these risks can be reduced depending on which industry you have your sights on at that point in time. The cost does not necessarily have to be large to see some results coming in, but it all adds up eventually.

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Passive income requires a lot of commitment, despite not demanding too much time and cost involved. It isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme by any means and any fruit of your labour will be a result of patience and the ability to acclimatise to the market. There is no harm in taking a little risk to kickstart these side projects, but it would be highly recommended to only do so when your full-time career is stable enough. Without a financial safety net, embarking on a passive source of income presents more risks than necessary.

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