Unusual side hustles we’re betting you’ve never heard of Mediafeed – msnNOW

By now you’re probably pretty familiar with all the mainstream side hustles out there, like becoming a delivery-partner with Uber or delivering food with DoorDash. But if you’re in need of some extra cash and none of the usual suspects for side gigs sound appealing, worry not. The gig industry is gi-normous (yes, that’s a word) and fortunately for you we’ve got all the details on a few side hustles you’ve probably never heard of.

So whether you love spending time with dogs, have a sweet ride you wouldn’t mind sharing, or have some other bizarre marketable skill-set your 9-5 boss doesn’t know about (don’t we all?), keep reading to learn more about these obscure side hustles that you can start today to earn some extra cash.

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