Trier Capital launches passive investing fund for multifamily real estate – Property Funds World

Multifamily real estate investment firm Trier Capital has launched a new passive investment fund for accredited investors. Those with USD50,000 or more of capital can access a range of passive investing deals in southeast and select locations around the United States.

Passive investing in multifamily real estate continues to grow in popularity. Interested investors simply supply capital, while the deal owner and property management oversee all day-to-day functions of the real estate. Investors gain access to real estate passive income with limited effort post-deal.

“Passive real estate investing allows investors to buy into a property without any of the hassle of owning and operating the property,” says Erik Hatch CEO of Trier Capital. “This has a few distinct advantages: access to periodic cash flow and property appreciation, a limit to the overall downside investment risk, and a freedom from day-to-day property management.”

While the active income versus passive income debate continues among investors, Trier Capital believes passive investing is the key to creating long-term wealth. Investing in apartment buildings has never been easier with access to Trier Capital passive real estate investing opportunities.

Trier Capital specialises in apartments with a minimum of 100 units and a purchase price between USD1 million and USD10 million. Ideal properties are Class B located in Class A markets and Class C+ located in Class B markets. Multifamily real estate properties are selected to maximise high-yield income streams. The average hold period is from three to five years.

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