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AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As an entrepreneur, change of any kind starts internally. If you want to change the way you show up in life, whether in big or small ways, you have to adapt. Every year, over half a million entrepreneurs start new businesses – and to help provide a kick start for those businesses, Swanwick, creators of Swannies Performance Blue Light Blocking Glasses, has announced the Ultimate Entrepreneur Giveaway. The newly created contest will help provide valuable support to three entrepreneurs who are looking to get their ideas off the ground. 

The Ultimate Entrepreneur Giveaway

Brothers James + Tristan Swanwick formed Swanwick in 2015, with an entrepreneurial mindset propelling them to where are today. In the last 5 years, Swanwick has grown to be regarded as the gold standard in performance blue light blocking glasses and the leader in their field by promoting expert advice and science-backed products. 

 For the Ultimate Entrepreneur Giveaway, Swanwick partnered with leading brands from around the world including Traffic and Funnels, Paleovalley and chili, among others, to help propel a new set of business leaders forward, teaching them how to approach challenges, learn from their mistakes and cultivate the entrepreneurial mindset. Co-founder James Swanwick shares his insight into being an entrepreneur and the reason for creating the contest.

The Ultimate Entrepreneur Giveaway also highlights the importance of liberating yourself from your old ways by:

  • Utilizing technology
  • Shifting your mindset
  • Optimizing  your health

Running from August 17-28, the Ultimate Entrepreneur Giveaway provides entrepreneurs with the chance to transform their productivity, sleep, overall well-being and their business.
Prizes for the Ultimate Entrepreneur Giveaway total more than $25, 000 in product and services from leading global brands including Traffic and Funnels, Paleovalley and chili, among others. Three final winners (1 grand prize and 2 runner-up prizes) will be chosen on August 31, and announced via Facebook, Instagram, and email. It’s simple to enter – just follow the link provided on social media and here.  

An entrepreneurial mindset encompasses how Swanwick made it to where they are today; and how new entrepreneurs need to approach challenges and mistakes, the inherent desire to improve your craft, and the importance of persistence.

Swanwick and the Ultimate Entrepreneur Giveaway want to help propel you forward! 

About Swanwick:
Swanwick created Swannies Performance Blue Light Blocking Glasses in 2015 to help people across the world enhance their sleep and live more fulfilling lives. Swannies continue to be regarded as the gold standard in blue light blocking glasses, allowing people to feel comfortable wearing them not only for protection but also as a fashion accessory. Swanwick believes in the power of sleep and wellbeing, and reinventing what’s possible by providing and promoting expert advice and science-backed products.

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