Money management app Hoddle moves into beta – Finextra

Hoddle is a banking app which helps you save money and bank better. Connect your existing bank accounts using Open Banking to gain insights and easily create automated saving schemes called Holds. Whether you’re saving for a new bicycle, a rainy day, or a holiday together with family and friends. Hoddle has the right Hold for you.

Our unique Smart Holds use machine learning and artificial intelligence to automatically calculate how much to set aside and save for you daily. Not ready for a Smart Hold just yet? Create a Fixed Hold and save a fixed amount on a weekly or monthly basis. E.g. Save £10 a week for those shiny new shoes you’ve always wanted and better yet, track and manage your savings directly in the app.

Using technology and Open Banking, we aim to revolutionise the way you save and spend money. The launch of our beta app is just the beginning!

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