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If your first idea is not perfect, move on and get another one!, says side hustle coach and entrepreneur Nic Haralambous.

Author and self-confessed serial entrepreneur Nic Haralambous has launched a fund to help people start their own side hustle during trying times.

He says there are almost 10,000 people in the queue for the R1,000 (every day) and coaching advice on offer.

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The 30-minute coaching is as much for me to help them as for me to figure out if they’re serious.

Nic Haralambous, Entrepreneur and author

So far, I’ve only had one person who pitched up relatively unprepared… In that scenario I give them 24 hours to come up with a plan… If they don’t we disqualify them and find somebody else…

Nic Haralambous, Entrepreneur and author

But what to do when you’re set on starting your side hustle but confused about the right, bright idea?

People in South Africa tend to think you can have only one good idea, says Haralambous.

“Then they hold that idea so close to their chest that they suffocate it.”

If you don’t get your first idea “out of your head” it then blocks any further ideas, he says.

Humans don’t just have one idea. We’re constantly thinking about ideas. We’re constantly asking ourselves questions and coming up with answers that then turn into ideas.

Nic Haralambous, Entrepreneur and author

Get that idea out! Let it out into the world and then you can get through the rest of your ideas and start testing them on the world.

Nic Haralambous, Entrepreneur and author

If your first idea is not perfect or brilliant, move on and get another one! he says.

There are lots of ideas in the world that are good businesses, good startups, but for a side hustle your ideas need to be able to make money.

Nic Haralambous, Entrepreneur and author

You also need to decide if you’re looking at a short-, long- or medium-term venture.

Also important is to find something that will be fulfilling to you, he says.

Listen to the side hustle advice from Haralambous on The Money Show:

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