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You would like to generate an additional income besides your job? With our 7 suggestions you can make this plan come true! Please keep in mind, however, that our suggestions are only intended to help you generate an additional income. They are not suitable for earning a living in the short term.

1. Freelancing

You have certain skills that you can offer to other people or companies? Then freelancing is the right thing for you!

With Freelancing you can earn some money in addition to your main job.You can place your services either on your website, via social media or on freelancer platforms like Websites like also offer you the possibility to search directly for offers and take advantage of them.

Payment is usually made after the completion of the respective projects. This can result in very lucrative additional earnings.

2. Writing texts

If you are gifted in writing texts and you enjoy doing so, you should use this talent for a small extra income. Nowadays, various online platforms, such as, offer you the opportunity to earn money by writing texts.

At the beginning you will most likely only earn small amounts of money, but once you have proven your talent and built up loyal customers, you will also get a good salary for your work.

Of course, even with this extra income, you have the opportunity to increase your reach by using a website, social media and other platforms.

3. Answer surveys

This is an absolute classic of making money on the Internet. Numerous portals such as or offer you the opportunity to answer surveys on a wide range of topics or even to test products and get paid for your opinion. A big advantage of this is that you can do these tasks mostly without any special knowledge, equipment or time commitment.

Usually, after creating your profile, you will be assigned suitable surveys here. The more extensive they are, the more your time will be compensated in the end. If you want to earn more money, we advise you to register on different portals at the same time and thus receive a higher number of surveys per month.

A little tip for all smartphone users: With the Google Opinion Rewards App you can take part in short surveys again and again and receive small rewards that you can use to buy music, apps and much more in the Play Store over time. The app itself is free of charge and you can download it here

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