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Fed up with a 9 to 5 job and thinking about starting a business from home… great! When someone runs an online business, they can work from home and make money online. But what does that really mean for them? It means they can work when they want, and the amount of work they do is directly tied with how much money they make. The harder they work, the more they earn, and that is a thing of beauty.

The good news is, 2020 is the best time to make money online. There are a host of different options for all types of people to work from home. Creative? Like to write, code, make art, or play music? Maybe an expert level marketer, or a college graduate looking to make an impact. Many people think they have to have a college degree to run a business, but that’s not true at all. The internet makes it easier than ever to launch a business today, no matter who they are or how they want to do it.

Platforms To Start A Business

If someone is looking to make money online by dropshipping or selling their own goods, there are a few great options for established, safe websites to market goods. Patrons can find features such as payment and shipping handling, options to create ads, and many more tools to help manage the business even if they never managed one before.

Websites To Help Patrons Work From Home Selling Goods:

  • Shopify
  • Oberlo
  • Squarespace
  • BigCommerce
  • WooCommerce

Make A Website

Creating a website is very easy, and it’s an excellent idea for those looking to sell services instead of goods. Freelance graphic design, writing, voice acting – whatever service the individual provides, you can make money online. Start with a website and develop a great email pitch, then start connecting with people in a niche. Joining groups on social media is also an amazing idea to network.

Websites To Help Create A Website For A Online Business:

  • WordPress
  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • Google Sites
  • Weebly

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an incredible way to make an absolute killing while working from home. If a person can acquire any kind of following or online presence, they can use affiliate links to generate revenue from products they didn’t even have to create. A lot of the time, the affiliate product will even provide them with marketing material to help sell it! A no brainer option for an easy online business.

Sites To Help With Affiliate Marketing:

  • Clickbank
  • Amazon Affiliate Program
  • Nerdwallet
  • Wirecutter
  • eBay Partner Program

To Get Paid

Getting paid online can be tricky when starting a website. Please make sure that It Is not a scam, and that personal information stays protected. Firstly, Learn about invoicing and pricing. Once the individual know’s how to ask someone to pay them, and how much they ought to pay them, this is when they need to know how to accept their money.

Options To Accept Payment:

  • Paypal
  • Venmo
  • Cash App
  • Stripe
  • Zelle
  • Instagram


It’s time to start an online business! Get ready to make money while working from home. Just be ready to put in the work. Get out there and start today by creating a website!

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