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Deciding to exchange your corporate dream and putting up an online business might be your best decision during the worst of times to make money online. The only way for us to adapt to such a sporadic change is clear: going digital. Now, more and more people are pivoting towards this platform, either as the main source of revenue or to augment income.

There are various ways to may money online as some of you may have to work for someone else or you may simply turn your passion or profession into the business.


All you need is a computer, an internet connection, a network of friends, and a couple of hours daily. Here are five of them.

Freelance Writing

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If you’re a wordsmith, freelance writing is a winning alternative to make money online. There is a good number of projects to do—from press releases, and articles that you may submit to online news, business, or lifestyle portals, to doing creative copy for newsletters.

You may also contact friends who have start-up businesses and offer to do their internal corporate communication, advertising copy, or brochures for their new products and other ad hoc assignments. You may help them grow their business. Additionally, ask your writer friends where they get clients and start from there.

Freelance writers get paid by the article or assignment, or in some cases, monthly depending on the depth of the material to be written. But aside from the skill, it is your job to find projects for yourself.

Once you find promising ones, you need to establish a good relationship with your clients, submit articles on time so you could earn their trust. Likewise, you also need to deliver consistently good content for your work to get you more work to make money online.


Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways if you want to make money online. Based on a refer-to-earn concept, your job is to promote the merchant products to potential online buyers through e-mail marketing, content, or pay-per-click promotional campaigns.

You may also use your social media accounts to reach out to your target market. It means that the more referrals you bring in, the more sales the company acquires. This results in more commissions you rake in. You simply promote or sell other people’s or company’s products or services through a referral link.


When people buy a product or service you recommend through your link, you get a commission for each sale the company makes. The more creative techniques and strategies you do, the better the chances you have of closing the deal.

Pay is commission-based and depending on the product—which can be office supplies and clothes to vehicles and real estate—and you can easily earn up from 5% to 15% of the total value.

Small Online Business Setup

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There is no better time than now to start an online business so buckle up and make money online! Boost your probability for success by researching trends and searching for your niche market first. As they say, you must find a need and fill it.

For instance, if you know how to bake and you have enough friends to sell it to, it’s about time you give them something they want. All you need is a catchy brand name, impressive tagline, a good website, and the proper e-commerce platform to promote it. A growing online presence is a must.

If you don’t have your own product, you may source popular merchandise from a trusted supplier and resell. Other popular online businesses are pet necessities, shirt-printing, food, homemade soaps and candles, and lately, plants.


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If you are a fan of podcasts and you think you can do your own digital recordings of broadcasts with creative content, learning to start your own podcasts is something you should consider. You don’t need to be highly technical to make one.

Start by coming up with a concept. This will include the topic, your podcast name, format, and the target time for each episode. You will also need a microphone and a nice artwork to fit your “brand” of the podcast.

Look for a file host for your podcast and collate these audio files into an RSS feed so they can be downloaded or streamed from your audience’s device-on-demand. If you have the knack to create interesting content that people want to listen to, then you’re on the right track.

Topics should be relevant, may it be lifestyle, sports, or whatever you are passionate about. Start by listing ten possible contents for each episode and decide if you want to go solo (or with a co-host), do a narrative, make it an interview-style or hybrid, which is a combination of all types. You just have to be consistent with your schedule, tone, and content.

With your podcast, you can earn through sponsorships of ads, donations, paid membership tiers, selling premium episodes, or posting your shows on Youtube.


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If you have special technical skills or professional expertise that is extremely marketable, then you are in the best position to start your online consulting business. Being a financial consultant, IT expert, tutor, or even a medical practitioner, you can provide value to your clients, even online. Moreover, you may want to do that through a video or voice call, by live text chat, or via a group call.

Recently, one of the most popular online consultations is seeking and giving medical advice virtually. All you need is to search for teleconsultation platforms that handled confidential information securely and attend webinars and enroll in online courses on the risks, benefits, ethics, and proper telemedicine conduct to be updated on the guidelines on telemedicine.

Final Thoughts

The online work of your dreams is waiting. Start making money online while being your own boss, managing your own time, and maximizing your full potential!


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