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What it was like to party in Candace’s real-life Sex and the City gang

In between all the bad news comes a chink of light. The revival to Sex and the City, called And Just Like That, has been announced by HBO Max. Those of us who knew Candace Bushnell – the real Carrie Bradshaw – when she was penning the original SATC columns are very curious to see how life panned out for Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte. As for Samantha, well unlike many, I really don’t mind about Kim Cattrall bowing out – I always think the character was made up for effect. I remember the first time I met Candace. It was a sultry summer Friday night on Fisher’s Island, New York. My new British boyfriend (soon to be fiancé) had brought me to meet three friends (two of whom were British bankers) who had rented a large weekend beach house. The first voice I heard was Morgan Entrekin’s, an American publisher and close friend of Candace’s whose Southern twang was discernible three floors up. Out on the wooden porch, clutching an Old Fashioned cocktail in her hand, was Candace. She was tiny and very pretty. I remember being intimidated by the slinky Fifties style floaty cocktail dress she wore (famously with nothing underneath). This kooky-glam style of ‘Carrie’ was what Sarah Jessica-Parker, who played her, became famous for. To my eyes then, it was so cool and grown-up.

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