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Side-hustling is all the rage and becoming more commonplace in South Africa as the current financial and career instability inflicted by Covid-19 has further driven people to look for other ways to supplement their income.

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OLX marketing manager, Nicole Depene-Sander, shared that “selling items online is one of the easiest ways to generate additional income. While this is fairly low risk and doesn’t require significant investment, it’s highly competitive.” 

Hustlers are a dime a dozen, so how exactly do you hone your hustle with enough strategic intent to cement your unique presence into a permanent gig?

Make a plan, Stan

First, no great feat of entrepreneurial brilliance started off without a plan. Do you have one? If not, it’s like blindly parroting the work of others in the hope that you can squawk the loudest. It ain’t gonna work – because there will unfortunately always be someone with brighter feathers and a louder whistle than yours. The key? Create an action plan! No matter how hard you’re grafting at the grind, you’re never going to get off the ground if you’re not keeping track of your progress. You can’t adopt a spray and pray mentality, because it’s going to leave you in the rough with no roadmap for the way out. Set out clear goals, doable next steps and realistic deadlines. And then stick to them.

Take your side hustle to new heights with a few simple hacks

Side hustling. It’s what you’re doing when the clock strikes five, and everyone else kicks off their work shoes, it’s what you’re doing when most people’s days are over, and yours is just beginning, it’s what you’re doing when you’re using your creative fix to stash some extra cash…

OLX 16 Sep 2020

Commit to the relationship

With that said, your main goal needs to be your constant go-to place. This is where you have the chance to regroup on a very regular basis and then take each consistent step to build momentum as you go. Grab a piece of paper, write down at least three tasks that you need to complete daily to get you closer to your main goal. Accept that you’re going to have to commit to, and work on, a monogamous relationship with your hustle. Every. Single. Day. With tenacity and focus until you hone that sense of purpose and unapologetic determination that takes your hustle to high-rolling heights. 

Connections that count

Yes, you’re in a committed relationship with your side hustle now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be friends with other hustlers. Especially the ones who are already hustling hard and making waves. Those who’ve been on this journey for a while will know that to be successful, you need to be mindful, helpful and resourceful. Start by helping them solve their problems with that particular thing you’re so very good at, and they’ll return the favour. Work out the best way to add value, and soon you’ll have built a resourceful relationship with mutual benefits. 

Organise your hats

Sure, you’re hustling hard and wearing all the hats most of the time, but taking the time to organise your hats allows you to hand them over as your hustle starts to grow. Start to implement procedures and systems so that once your well-oiled money-making machine is working like a boss, you can wear your hustle hat like a boss. You can start taking steps up that entrepreneurial staircase to success by delegating the everyday jobs to people who share your vision of turning your gig into a paying passion project. 

Make ‘me’ time

Yes, pushing hard is a high priority right now. But it’s important to ensure that while you’re using your precious time to the max, you’re also scheduling some downtime. Nobody can just keep going full steam ahead without a break. If you don’t prepare regular ones for yourself, your steam train mentality will see your hustle headed off the rails. The beauty of a side hustle is that it’s yours – you make the time for it, you build it, you craft it and you graft it – but you can also slow it down so that your flame burns brighter for longer.

Honing your side hustle can change your life

Taking the time to hone your ‘personal opportunity portfolio’ can take you to new levels of financial freedom – doing what you love most. Suppose you take it slow, keep it real and most importantly adapt your hustle to fit into your lifestyle. In that case, you’re already past the halfway mark to success. Take what you have, coupled with what you’ve built so far, and fine-tune it into your own significant journey. There are different roads that lead to that dream destination, so hone your approach because some of the greatest highlights and learnings of your hustle are going to happen as your adventure unfolds. 

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