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When you are trying to build a business or side hustle, you need to keep yourself as healthy as possible—even more challenging during a pandemic. 

The experts agree that poor health habits ultimately take a devastating toll on your body, mood and appearance. Premature wrinkles, irritated skin, muscle aches and exhaustion are just some side effects left by the following hit-and-run habits. But there are ways to arrest these health burglars and stop them in their tracks. As the co-author of Beautiful Skin, and a former beauty editor, I’ve got the prescription for you.


Not only are cigarettes hazardous to your health and well-being, they are also horrible for your skin. Here’s how: Nicotine by-products cut off oxygen to blood cells, leaving skin with a sickly pallor. It also leaves you with red eyes as blood vessels dilate, giving new meaning to the term looking through rose-colored glasses. 

Fix It: Moisturize your skin overnight to hydrate thirsty, dry skin, and don’t be afraid to use bronzer for a color boost. Keep a gel-filled eye mask in the refrigerator and lie down for ten minutes with your eyes covered and legs propped up to improve circulation. Of course quitting smoking is the best answer. You can check out info from The American Lung Association and also get a nicotine patch to wean yourself away from your smokes.



Sure it’s nice to celebrate Thanksgiving, the weekend, or just getting through the day with a bit of bubbly, but boozing it up on the regular not only damages the way your organs function, it also gives you that same pasty skin tone you get from smoking (by breaking down the collage in skin).

Fix It: Consume fluids such as water, broths, and citrus juices to replenish lost moisture. Also try using a humidifier and using a moisturizing mask to increase circulation and soothe parched areas.  Cut alcohol and wine cocktails with seltzer. If you think you have a serious problem (or others are suggesting you do), try contacting Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). 

Yo-Yo Dieting

If you take turns binging and then starving yourself, you aren’t doing your body or your health any favors. A food binge followed by fasting results in low blood sugar, decreased concentration and an overall feeling of tiredness that a nap won’t correct. 

Fix it: Never start the day with a high sugar meal, like a candy bar or sugary cereal. After that initial burst of energy, your blood sugar levels will plummet, leaving you jittery and weak. Try keeping a journal for one week that lists everything you put eat and how you feel while eating it. It will help you notice how your cravings may be related to mood swings. Instead, don’t graze between meals, so your body will burn the food you ate. Eat high-fiber foods, which help you feel satisfied longer. 

Poor Posture

If while on your computer or doing a Zoom call, you feel your shoulders slumping and your back aching, monitor how stooping affects your appearance and your mood. When you have poor posture, your stomach muscles loosen and shoulders hunch forward, making you look less than confident.

Fix It: To lengthen the spine and slowly stretch back muscles, try stretching out three times a day—especially when you wake up in the morning. You can also apply a heating pad or a heating rub to relax tight back muscles. One way to help is to imagine a helium-filled balloon with a string attached to your chin. Every time you slouch, imagine the string gently pulling your head higher and your spine straighter. 

Whether you need a quick fix or want to make a drastic lifestyle change as you pursue your side hustle or second career goals, if you keep watch on these health burglars you won’t be their victim. 

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