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Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to generate profit online.
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SimpleFX is the go-to app for mobile traders with over 200 symbols
in different asset classes and offering the highest leverage at 500x! We have
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Why Become a SimpleFX Affiliate?

It’s so easy to make
money by affiliate marketing. But first, you need to have the right partner.
SimpleFX offers highly attractive products for potential traders. So, making
commissions by inviting traders to SimpleFX is a smooth ride.

At SimpleFX, traders can easily make a trade on popular stocks
like Facebook, Apple, and Amazon, and venture into other assets like gold, oil,
forex, cryptocurrencies, and indices – all in a single app. Margin traders can
even buy or sell instruments with a huge 500x leverage to maximize revenue

TheSimpleFX WebTrader is the leading mobile-friendly trading app with
a clean and straight-forward interface. Anyone can trade the hottest
instruments on their smartphones or computers. It has sleek charts and tools
for traders of all levels.

The trading conditions are also top-notch. To trade at SimpleFX,
all you need to use is an email address. There are no strict KYC procedures.
Traders can easily open multiple accounts, which is difficult to do in most
trading apps. There are no minimum deposits required so traders are not
restricted with how much they are willing to invest. The ability to trade with
up to 500x leverage lets traders profit more without investing much.

How Does It Work?

Joining the SimpleFX Affiliate Program takes only seconds. All you
have to do is create an account at SimpleFX. Don’t worry. There are no
financial obligations. You will only need your email address to create an
account, and then you can access the SimpleFX affiliate dashboard.

So what’s next? Once you are registered, go to the SimpleFX
affiliate dashboard, and find your unique referral link. Share this referral
link to your friends or social media followers. When someone signs up and makes
a trade at SimpleFX, you will earn up to 25% lifetime revenue share for direct
invites and another 5% from those invited by your referrals! Easy right? You
don’t even need to do trading to get affiliate revenue.

SimpleFX also runs a number of promos and provides amazing banners
for affiliates for free. These banners can be used on blogs and websites and
can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and other social media platforms
along with the affiliate referral links.

SimpleFX Affiliate Dashboard

Aside from our awesome affiliate rewards, our SimpleFX affiliate
dashboard is also free and transparent. You can see real-time stats on the
numbers of clicks your referral links have. You can see geographic data and
most importantly your conversions.

SFX2SimpleFX Affiliate Dashboard

You can easily access the promo banner ads available in different
sizes to suit your needs. You just need to download it on your computer and
start sharing, or you can easily embed the banners on your blogs or websites. You
have many options to choose from. What’s more, we allow you to generate
individual promo codes to offer limited-time discounts.

Now Might be the Right Time to Start

SimpleFX is in the last phase of the $2000 SimpleFX US Election
Trading Cup
where traders can win from the $2000 prize pool by trading the
hottest instruments during the US election period. The trading cup runs until
November 1.

Now is the perfect time to encourage everyone to participate in
the contest while earning affiliate revenue on commissioned invites. Access
your referral links and the US election banners and start sharing today!

More affiliate banner ads are available. Learn how to access them here.

Be a SimpleFX affiliate today! Sign up with your email address and start your affiliate
campaigns. Collect your revenue via a traditional transfer or via
cryptocurrency transferred directly to your wallet. Don’t miss out!

article was submitted by SimpleFX.

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