Five ways to make extra money online in a pandemic –

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Panaji, Mar 18: In this day and age of the internet, it is becoming increasingly easy to make money online, from the comfort of your home. While it may be difficult to turn these activities into a full-time career, it is possible to earn a decent profit while using some of your free time and special skills to the fullest extent.

Given the pandemic and the lockdown that India went through many people had the misfortune of losing their jobs.

Forced to look for work elsewhere, many people found these small activities and part-time pursuits that would make them at least a little bit of money.

So let us take a look at five ways with which you can make some extra money online.

Content writing

While thinking of content writing may not be a traditional career choice for many Indians, it is actually quite easy to find a website or blog that is in need of content writers. Content writers can be paid per word, per article, or in form of monthly salaries.

While most big companies and websites looking for experienced writers to be hired full-time, you can easily make some money by writing part-time for a newer or smaller blog. Writing is a great way to make some money on the side.


There are many new websites like freelancer out there that allow you to take up freelance projects from clients all over the world. These freelance websites not only allow you to earn some extra cash every month but also allow you to take up as much work as you can handle.

You can freelance any of your professional skills, ranging from writing, photography, editing, ghostwriting, resume creation, graphic design etc, to earn money through projects. These freelance websites may require you to set up a PayPal account since a lot of clients prefer to pay through PayPal.

Online betting or fantasy sports

Online betting or fantasy sports are a great way of making some extra money online, while also enjoying your favourite sports. For example, a lot of people love betting on the outcome of their favourites sports matches on betting sites like 1xBet.

Fantasy sports are also an option for the Indian audience now. With apps like Dream11 and many more real-money gaming apps, regular people can enjoy a form of entertainment that also pay you to win.

Online tutoring

With more and more people switching to the online world to learn new skills, there is a lot of demand for online tutors or pre-made online courses. On websites such as Udemy, you can create a course regarding a skill you may wish to teach others.

If your course is liked by the users of the website, you can earn a decent amount of money through registrations for your online course. Similarly, you may even be able to give online classes through video calls and conferences.

Data entry

Data entry was perhaps the first online job that became available for people who wanted to work part-time or from home. Data entry is simple and easy to master, and requires no special skills from your end.

You can sign up on websites that assign you data-entry projects. Alternatively, there are some part-time and even full-time jobs available that allow you to fill out surveys, forms, and reviews to help the company with its data entry requirements.

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