Entrepreneur BobbyJayTv Tells The Young Entrepreneurs That Time is Their Greatest Resource – Seekers Time

BobbyJayTv, as he is commonly known, is an entrepreneur in America with African roots. Bob Jacobs is his real name. Working in several industries, including music, fitness, and content creation has not only mentored many people but also proved to many that determination and sacrifice are key. He strives to be the hardest worker in everything he puts his hands on. 

BobbyJayTv’s made a bold decision moving out from the war-torn country, Liberia, to the US. This was a ray of hope to BobbyJayTv, who ventured into entrepreneurship in the new country. Other than the instability, he attests that Liberia is a good country with great people with extraordinary talents. 

Moving to a new country gave BobbyJayTv new responsibilities when he was young. This not only made him independent but also reliable. He learned to be independent, which would later help him in his business. With his childhood skills, he managed the business to success. 

Making the world a better place

BobbyJayTv is not only after his personal developments; he has that innate zeal to ensure that he makes the world a better place than he found it. Among his first humanitarian projects was hosting a beauty fashion event that was campaigning against sex trafficking. Everyone, including the country’s leadership, has embraced this move, and he says that it’s going far than he ever thought. Recently, he got a chance to be on a TV station with the Senator of New Hampshire. 

Time is stronger than anything

BobbyJayTv never lets a single chance slip away without advising the young entrepreneurs and startups. He recalls how he was once disadvantaged due to the geographic position he was in then. However, after the paradigm shift, he managed to raise himself against all odds through pressing on and persistence. 

In his story, he advises the startups to invest a lot in the time they have. “Do a lot of research on your career. Criticize yourself and see what you are lacking and what you need to work on for a better version of yourself. Do not seek validation from people was not valid.” He says. 

BobbyJayTv concludes by advising young people to stay close to people with positive vibes. The saying still holds, “tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are!”. Your business partners play a big part in your business and progress. 

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