Earn Passive Income from the Comfort of your Home ANYWHERE IN THE USA as a Psychology Webinar job with Webinarceclasses | 316013 – The Chronicle of Higher Education


If you have at least a master degree in a mental health field
you can earn extra income from the comfort of your home anywhere in
the USA by:

  1. Writing CE course content and/or
  2. Uploading recorded webinars and/or
  3. Becoming a live webinar presenter
  5. We are also looking for clinical psychological comprehensive
    exam literature reviews, book chapters in specialized clinical
    psychological topics, video presentations, etc.

We do all the marketing, accredit you with APA, and conduct all
administrative aspects of the business. You work at your own pace.
You pay zero money at all, nothing.

  1. For written content, 70% of profits goes to you and 30% to
  2. For live webinars, the first earned $1000 are yours. After
    that, we split 60% of earnings going to you and 40% to us.
  3. For uploaded recorded webinars, 70% of profits goes to you and
    30% to us

This market is huge: there are 500,000 licensed mental health
providers in the USA who need to complete APA approved CEs to renew
their license. So, you could have passive income for the rest of
your life.

We own a technology company (intelsoftsystems.com) which created
an APA approved web application platform that allows you to easily
deliver Live and Recorded CE Webinars as well as easily upload PDF
based CE homestudy courses (webinarceclasses.com)

If interested apply or email me at carvajal@vt.edu with


Dr. Carvajal

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