Coming up: Personal finance in uncertain times – Minnesota Public Radio News

It’s been a challenging year, with 62 percent of surveyed consumers describing current conditions as unfavorable. Unemployment sits at 8.4 percent, and the pandemic is hitting low-wage workers and their families the hardest. 

Being financially literate has perhaps never been more important, as knowing more about money, credit and debt can have an impact both on our personal finance and broader economic outcomes. 

On Tuesday at 9 a.m., MPR News guest host Chris Farrell and producer Twila Dang will talk with a financial coach about lessons she’s learned over time and why she wants people to understand money and credit better, and take listener questions about personal finance.

They’ll also discuss the forthcoming MPR News podcast, “Small Change: Money Stories From The Neighborhood,” which focuses on the creative and collaborative ways people without much money manage to achieve their dreams.


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