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Cole Morgan has over 7 pages on Instagram, over 1.4 million followers collectively, and has made thousands of dollars; his pages include @sluringz, @glizier, @uncencore, @sproshed, @colesfeed, @knurl, and @j0ked. For anyone interested in doing the same it might be daunting at first to start an online presence on social media, let alone making money from it, but it can be done, and Cole is an example of it. Let’s take a look at some of Cole’s successes and what he shares about making money online. 

In Cole Morgan’s Footsteps

Cole’s Online Success 

Cole earned $30k in the first four months of running his page @sluringz, and starting his own clothing company in his freshman year of high school his personal instagram account grew to around 40k followers. Not only did Cole manage to make thousands from his clothing company and instagram account leading the way, he also sold one of his pages to a friend, which made him realise how lucrative the social media marketing can be. 

Follow These Tips to Start Making Money Online

Cole shares about how he started making money online, which involved brands reaching out to him for paid promotion when he reached around 70k followers, additionally, as his presence grew on social media he also did affiliate marketing with other companies. Cole also believes that networking is very important to gain more followers, which will ultimately lead to more potential opportunities to make money, and becoming an entrepreneur by selling products, as Cole has done with his clothing company.

These terms are almost social media and entrepreneurship buzzwords in the world today, they are handy to understand and utilise if anyone is serious about making money online; below are three tips about how to get started, however it is important to understand that it takes time, patience, and determination to grow a following and start capitalizing on it.

  1. Paid Promotion 

This can also be referred to as ‘promotion’ and can pay very well when a page has reached a certain number of followers, which is an important first step to be aware of. It requires a well-established page, or otherwise referred to as an online ‘influencer’, to post about their favourite products or brands, and as a result they are paid by those brands, this is another form of marketing and can be easier to manage if the page does not have their own products or brand to sell. 

  1. Brand Affiliation 

This is also called affiliate marketing, and allows a person to earn commissions from products they market on their page. It starts with recommending a specific product, service, or brand and providing a unique link to the website of the product if others are interested in buying it. This will require a plan and strategy, however it can prove to be very lucrative if done correctly.   

  1. Selling Products Online

This is another way to make money online, it also allows a person to sell their own products instead of someone else’s. It can range from being a product, like clothing or jewellery, or services offered like consulting or coaching. When it comes to Instagram, similar to how Cole started with his clothing company, it can be used to market an already-established product line. 


Whether it’s a 10-year-old to 80-year-old, and as evidenced by Cole Morgan, anyone can have a place to play in the world of online business, advertising, and marketing; all that is needed is a well-developed idea or product coupled with a good business strategy, a marketing plan, a flourishing network of followers, the interest to build more connections with potential business partners, and determination and passion to make it work.  

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