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PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (WCAX) – A Plattsburgh entrepreneur has created a new trivia card game for mature audiences. It’s called “Are you a Potty Mouth?” and it’s a game dedicated to swear words.

Creator Soraya Seiden says the idea came to her four years ago when she noticed there were no games like it on the market.

The former school counselor began researching the history of the words and unknown facts. She said the pandemic provided more time for her to focus solely on the game.

The game has 10 different categories all relating to history and pop culture.

Seiden says it’s a game aimed at anyone over 16 to have a good laugh and learn something new.

“I love funny and I wanted to create a game that was multi-generational. You can sit and play with your aunt, your grandmother or it could be an incredibly great party game. I’ve heard it’s a great drinking game. It’s not sexual, not derogatory or prejudicial. As a woman, I felt that was really important, I didn’t want to have any of that in the game,” Seiden said.

This is Seiden’s first go at a card game. She says she has learned a lot from the process but is in the process of making two other games.

Click here for more information on the game.

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