An Administrative Assistant Breaks Into Web Development Through a Side Hustle – The Wall Street Journal

While working as a full-time administrative assistant some 15 years ago, Typhaney Bennett made time in her off hours to create a website to showcase her jewelry designs. Little did she know then that those nascent web-developing skills would lead her to a second career.

Ms. Bennett spent two decades in administrative office jobs before switching to web development, a change prompted in part by a crumbling marriage.

“Just having a stable career, being able to take care of my daughter and be a positive role model for her, that was all part of my fresh start in changing my career,” said the 41-year-old, who lives in Chandler, Ariz., with her daughter, now 8 years old. “I wanted to be someone that she would admire for being strong and not settling in life.”

Ms. Bennett also credits what turned out to be a fateful call to a customer-service hotline for prompting her to take steps toward a career change.

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