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(Newswire.net — October 19, 2020) — According to CNBC, the coronavirus pandemic has caused financial stress for around 9 out of 10 Americans. COVID-19 has seriously damaged the US economy and has led to many people searching for other ways to make some extra income. 

If you are looking for a way to earn money without having to risk your health by coming into contact with other potentially COVID positive people, there are plenty of ways you can start earning money from home. 

Here are some of the easiest ways you can earn money from the comfort of your own home:

  1. Freelance work

One of the simplest ways to earn money online is by working freelance. If you have a particular skill (such as writing, editing, or marketing), you can advertise yourself on various freelance websites. Here, you will be able to bid for a certain job and help someone with any number of tasks. If you are providing a very good service, you could end up earning hundreds of dollars a day.

  1. Answer surveys for money

Another incredibly easy way to earn money online is to answer paid surveys online. Websites like Survey Dolla will pay you real cash to answer surveys from trusted companies. 

All you have to do is spend some time sharing your opinion to companies who are doing market research. You won’t be able to earn thousands of dollars overnight, but you can easily make a few hundreds of dollars a month just by working from your phone or your laptop for a couple of hours a day. 

  1. Trade cryptocurrency

You might have to do a bit of research before you start seriously trading in cryptocurrency, as it is a risky way to earn. However, once you have mastered the basics you can easily begin to trade various types of cryptocurrency. All you need is some spare money to invest, and over time you could see yourself earning hundreds of dollars from this investment.

  1. Online tutoring

If you have a bachelor’s degree, why not share your skills with the younger generation? There are many websites online where you can advertise your teaching specialties. For example, if you are bilingual, you could become a personal tutor for someone trying to learn a language. If you play an instrument, you could provide online tutoring sessions where you help someone learn the piano. All you need is a laptop with a webcam, and you can easily earn a lot of money for every session you teach. 

  1. Sell items online

If you want a really easy way to make money, why not sell any of your unwanted belongings? Not only will this declutter your home, but you could make serious cash by selling your items on websites like eBay or Depop. 


If you are finding yourself with extra time in quarantine, these are some incredibly easy ways you can earn money online. Moreover, you will be able to ensure that you are keeping yourself safe by working from home, which is something we all need to take into consideration right now. 

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